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Build engaging radio experiences for listeners using Radioplayer’s broadcaster-backed official metadata

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Radio metadata direct from broadcasters

Radioplayer’s unique relationship with thousands of broadcasters around the world, means that we have unprecedented access to their metadata as it’s broadcast.

This means the right metadata at the right time. Logos, track now playing, schedules and more are all available.

Build hybrid radio experiences for the car

In car entertainment systems have become more and more sophisticated in recent years, as navigation, music, entertainment and utility have all become unified in the dashboard. Radio stands out as the easy-access entertainment medium with no subscriptions or logins needed. Learn how to build next-generation radio experiences

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Get Started

Dive right in and learn how to build a prototype app which gives you a list of station from Radioplayer.

  • Quick Start Guide

    Our quick start guide is the perfect way to get to grips with the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI). It gives you everything you need to know to build a simple application that queries a list of stations from our database.

    Once you’ve read the quick start guide, we recommend checking out the How To Guides and the deeper API reference

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  • Apply for a trial licence

    Once you’ve had a read of the getting-started documentation, we’d recommend that you apply for a trial. We work exclusively with large organisations to bring radio experiences to their platforms. Unfortunately, if that’s not you then you won’t be eligible to apply. Otherwise get in touch.

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  • Build a prototype

    Once we’ve granted you full access to the API, you’ll have the opportunity to build a prototype. You’ll be able to turn your ideas into life with the help of our documentation on this site.

    If you develop in NodeJS or Java, be sure to check out our libraries which will make it even easier to use the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI). We’re adding new libraries and SDKs all the time.

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  • Upgrade to a full licence

    During your trial, you’ll discover how to build a prototype hybrid radio application. The next stage is to upgrade to a trial licence. To do this, consult with your Radioplayer account manager.

    We will ask you about the application you’ve built or plan to build, to help us understand what level of access you may need and for how long. We’re here to answer your queries every step of the way so reach out any time