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Discover How Radioplayer Makes Good Radios Great

Official radio metadata

Optimised for hybrid radio

Backed by broadcasters

Official broadcast metadata

Radioplayer is owned by the broadcasters, and this gives us unprecedented access to their official radio metadata. For every Radioplayer member station, we are able to provide:

  • Name and Description
  • Station logos in multiple sizes and formats
  • Social media identifiers
  • Audio streams
  • Geographic footprints
  • Transmission metadata

We can also provide programme schedules and live "track now playing" information for many stations on the platform.

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Podcasts and on-demand

Radioplayer brings you access to our extensive on-demand catalogue. We have podcasts from hundreds of broadcasters, clips from the most popular shows and, from our larger broadcasters, full length shows available to stream on demand.

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As the world moves to a voice-first future, Radioplayer can improve your voice control platform by providing phonetic information for radio stations. Whether it's to help a system correctly pronounce the name of a station, or to give it some assistance in recognising station names it's heard, phonetic metadata from Radioplayer can augment your users' experience.

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True Hybrid Service Following

Radioplayer believes that hybrid radio is the future -- using both traditional broadcast radio which is free to the listener, and applying streamed radio in parallel to allow listeners to continue listening to their favourite station even when out of broadcast range. Through Radioplayer's transmission metadata, we help radio manufacturers perform this seamless switching.

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Finding a new radio station used to be a case of spinning the tuning knob up and down the dial til you found something new. In a digital landscape, people still want to find new stations, presenters and shows. Radioplayer has a best-in-class recommendations engine that helps listeners find new radio stations, similar radio stations and stations near them.

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