The Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) provides developers with unparalleled access to broadcasters' radio programming, as well as their proprietary metadata.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive station metadata and supporting digital assets for stations and in many cases shows
  • Up-to-date scheduling information derived directly from the stations themselves
  • Searchable location data that can be tailored for mobile users
  • Detailed track and show information for broadcast and on-demand content (where available)
  • Supporting social media linking for stations
  • Broadcast bearers for seamless "service following" between broadcast radio and internet streams.

With Radioplayer's enhanced metadata availability and flexible search engine, you can use the API to create a hybrid radio application that provides your customers with a rich, customisable, and reliable broadcast experience.


The architecture of a Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) implementation is made up of three components:

  1. The Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) server
  2. Client middleware
  3. End user application nodes.

In short, the WRAPI serves Radioplayer's metadata through signed HTTPS requests sent by a lightweight middleware client you write for yourself, using our code samples if you wish.

Wrapi Architecture

Secure responses are then sent to the middleware client containing the requested data.

This data is now present in the middleware client and can then be polled by the licensee's end users.

Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) Service

The API server provides proprietary metadata provided directly by broadcasters from an ever-increasing number of countries in Europe and North America. Using the API you can access Radioplayer's licensed content from our servers in a secure and trackable way, returning only what you require to fulfil your needs.

You will be assigned a monthly quota of requests you can make of the server, and sent a warning when you have used 80% of your allotment. Radioplayer can recommend effective caching strategies to ensure this limit is not exceeded – to learn more, please see our API Optimisation guide.


You access the Radioplayer data through a simple middleware client that you write yourself. Radioplayer provide libraries of sample code to help get you started.

Once you become a licensed user, we will send you an API key and a private key you can then use to make signed HTTPS requests to the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) from your middleware client.

This middleware client provides seamless authentication with the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI), and also allows your application end users to poll the middleware with their own data requests.

End users

The metadata is then accessed by being polled by the licensee's users – such as, for instance, individual drivers using a hybrid radio in their car.

How these end users authenticate with the middleware is left up to the developer.