Hybrid Radio in the Car

Get the best of all possible worlds.

What is it?

A hybrid radio is a device that allows you to receive broadcasts from radio stations via:

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), or HD
  • FM broadcasting
  • Internet (IP) streams

The purpose of a hybrid radio is to provide you with a seamless broadcast service wherever you are. When one transmission method becomes unavailable or weak, it is superseded by another.

With a hybrid radio, listeners can enjoy their favourite stations regardless of location, and explore stations that might not otherwise be available to them.

Hybrid Radios and Driving

The beauty of using a hybrid radio in an automotive context is that connection to the radio station can be maintained despite changing conditions.

For example, during long distance driving, a listener may travel out of range of the FM signal. If they are using a hybrid radio, it will find another way of receiving that station and select it automatically, so that the listener can continue their listening enjoyment without interruption.

Who is this for?

A hybrid radio is the core broadcast offering for any in-car entertainment system, and as such the means of creating one is invaluable to the developers of automotive and other media apps.

Radioplayer's metadata service, accessed through the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) gives you the best possible access to the DAB bearers, streaming URLs, and supporting data to build a truly exceptional car hybrid radio application.

What do you need?

To start building a hybrid radio using the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI) you can start by obtaining a trial licence and accompanying credentials. Using these and the accompanying code libraries you can quickly create a test application that will let you explore the premium radio station and broadcast data that Radioplayer can offer you.

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